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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday night arrives so I drop down to Bar Italia

Sunday night arrives so I drop down to Bar Italia to see Tony S., tell him the latest as per our agreement. Only when I get there il tri-colore man is nowhere to be seen. I ask around and am told he has returned to the old country, Italia, leaving a note saying he has done all he can for English football, now it’s up to them. What you going to do? Now I got to write my own blog.

Since last time around, lot has been happening. The suit my amici clubbed together for my 50th birthday and - God bless them all for doing so - has been named Solomon Grundy in that it was measured on a Monday, made on a Tuesday, picked up on Wednesday and worn at a photo shoot Friday. Phil the Photographer at Karma Creative took the snaps and glad he did, good man, quality work. He also snapped Mr Gary Crowley the DJ in some new Gabicci tops which Mr. Baxter had brought down. Gabicci are launching a new range next year and they are on the case. I got a couple of neat brown numbers, especially one with a white stitching down the front and matching buttons. Very good fellas. Tops go very well with my Napoli corduroy boots….

Music wise Consigliore Cenzo operating out of the Isle of Man sent over some material from a new band called Ivan Campo which I liked a lot, as I did a tune called A Northern Song by The Super Imposers that my very good friend Mr Wells put me onto, available on the net. When Saturday comes so do two of the best radio shows available – Brian Matthews on Radio 2 from eight to ten in the morning playing all kinds of great Sixties tunes and as Mr Crowley points out he still sounds exactly the same as when he was interviewing the likes of McCartney and Marriott back in the day. Early evening comes Craig Charles’s brilliant funk and soul show on BBC 6, a great mix of the old and the new. Heard Eli Reed on this show and plenty of other gems. Have also been re acquainting myself a great soul CD. The Eddie and Ernie compilation on Kent called Just Friends. These two singer songwriters are just brilliant - tracks such as In These Tender Moments, I Can’t Stop The Pain, the title track, I gotta say this…. It really doesn’t get much better.

Sport wise, saw the Spurs thrash Liverpool for the second time (,…) then went down to Fulham on Saturday which we lost which I predicted as we like to help out the lesser London teams…..In the same week also finished off the interviews for the Martin Chivers biog I am ghost-writing. I went to his house and we tidied up the end of his playing career. ‘That’s it,’ I told him, ‘we have done all the interviews about 30 hours worth.’

‘What happens next?’ the great man asked ‘We go and have a kick about,' I replied. ‘A kick about?’ ‘Yep, a kick about.’ I didn’t tell him this but you know when I go and meet the Great Cockerel in the sky, I have to have the phrase 'I passed the ball to Martin Chivers' on my lips.
‘Oh,’ he said looking a bit flummoxed, ‘okay when the weather gets better we can go down to the local park’.

I intend to keep him to that promise…. See as a kid I idolised Chivers and that’s why I turn into a ten year old every time I go to his house. I sit there holding a cup of coffee thinking Martin Chivers made me a cup of coffee, can you believe it...….Anyways his biog should be in the shops just under a year from now. That will be followed in Spring 2010 by my follow up book to The Looked After Kid, provisionally entitled Home but that will change, I know it. Once in a while I take five minutes and think of this book. I think of opening lines and phrases and images and paragraphs and suddenly I am chomping on the bit. Can’t wait to write it. But first got to get a couple of things out of the way which will put the De Niro in the account and cover the midfield while I write what will be the most important book of my career. Going to sell millions this book, millions.

Anyway got to go. The Sweeney is about to start on ITV 4. All that is left to say is this - Be young, be foolish, be Tottenham. That way you got all bases covered.

Ciao amici.

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