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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010 at 07:50
S. went to see Michelle and Mike, welcome their new baby Cassie into the world. Mike asked about my diary - or lack of it - so has I have awoken early Sunday morning ( at an hour I once used to get home at) thought I would use the time to catch up. I'll have to work backwards. Yesterday Spurs were robbed again by a ref who wrongly gave Leeds a last min pen. Why in the 21st century the biggest sport in the world refuses to embrace technology is absolutely beyond me. Hugely annoying. On Friday had lunch with my old features editor from the NME, Tony Stewart. Great to see him. He always did have a very likeable dry sense of humour that boy. Came away feeling nice. Went to George and Jenny's Friday night. After 21 years together they are finally tying the knot in March. Well, George is Greek and you know how they like to put on their togas get in the steam baths and really philosophise about a subject. To marry or not to marry? Well, as Plato once said.............Thursday went to NFT with the Sohemian Society to see a great Lewis Gilbert film from 1953 called Cosh Boy starring amongst others a very young and beautiful Joan Collins. The film was about a gang of kids in Battersea who spend their time robbing and stealing. The film's message was simple - if these kids had got a good belting from their parents when they were younger they would not have turned into juvenile delinquents. And damm right too. What got me were their clothes, the boys wearing two button jackets, large lapels, ties, shirts, hair greased back. They looked fabulous, not even british but very European. One of them even wore turn ups on his trousers even though they were not jeans. More and more the Fifties draw me in. Afterwards, we went to the Festival bar, sat around swapping stories about large hopes in small towns, upbringings and films and books and ideas etc. Again, came away feeling nice. On train home came up with an idea for a talk which I will pitch to them. Lunchtime that day I had met up with Rebecca and David from my agency. The book company who I gave my Remarkable Orphans project to have asked for certain things. Not sure I can give it to them. Or more to the point want to give to them. We agree to think about it further. Might mean having to find another company to publish it. Both agents are very supportive. Lucky to have them. And to be honest I am not at all worried by this turn of events. I have every faith in this project. Know it will be great when it happens. On Wednesday worked with Ant on a new screenplay based around my book. Our first script together Notting Dale now has two producers on board. Everyone who reads it is very complimentary. Done correctly this film could be huge. Also got news that the first draft of the script for the film of our book the Mumper should be ready soon. Looking forward to that. Monday and Tuesday finished off Madness sleeve notes. Their 1988 album the Madness contains some fascinating material I have to say. Wednesday night watched Howard Webb the referee again mess up and not allow a perfectly good Spurs goal. He fucked us up at Old Trafford last year, the Bridge earlier this season and now at Anfield. A hat trick! Well done sir! You truly are below par. Talking of Spurs is where I came in so I would just like to finish by saying it is now 7.30 Sunday morning and today I will mainly be reading, swimming, talking to God and watching football. God bless all refs, God bless you.

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