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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

17th June

Where was I? Oh yes, filming the latest episode of Svengali ( in Fopps, Covent Garden. With me, Jonathan Owen, Martin Freeman, Jenni Davies. Good script, as ever. Martin F is the mod manager of Fopps, Jonathan and Jenni his useless employees. Then Boy G walks in.....Good day filming, everyone in good shape, Mr Freeman has just finished playing Watson for a BBC Sherlock series set in modern times coming up in September, plus has a new film with Bill Nighy plastered on the side of buses. As soon as he arrived and once the formalities were done with, he and Jonathan and Jenni set about making the episode the best they could. Have known Martin for a few years now. He is as you would expect, top man. Shit at returning phone calls, no interest in football, loves a cape, but that aside, ticks my boxes. If you ever get the chance see his performance as Rembrandt for Peter Greenaway. It is brilliant, absolutely and my favourite part of his work, by a mohair mile. Seek out. 

Meanwhile Kevin from Baracuta, Eddie from Acid Jazz popped in, both dapper and good company. Eddie is a lot more relaxed these days, a consequence he thinks of not smoking half of Essex every morning. Which probably helps. In late August he is republishing my Small faces biog The Young Mod's Forgotten Story. I updated it a month ago and was nicely surprised by how well it read considering it is now fifteen years old. When it was published people used to come up to me and say your SF book is great. I'd say thanks very much. The pictures are amazing they would say............... 

Boy G did not arrive until four. He had seen several Svengali episodes on You Tube and wanted to appear. I first knew the Boy back in the days when he was top of the pops. My Ex - Pearl (RIP baby) used to do his make up. He has certainly been on a trip since those days. He is living proof of the adage that if it does not kill it will only make you stronger. Fittingly, he was in good shape and form, the Boy, chatting openly about prison ('had to call a few people see u nts in the first few weeks and then they stopped taking the piss,') his plans, etc. He seemed nervous talking about his upcoming tour dates but for me this country has always had a place in its heart for him and will love him to death. He reminds me so much of Oscar Wilde - Irish, witty, a dresser of style, King Of The Town and then shame, disaster, prison, followed by a kind of by personal redemption.

 I play a customer in this episode. Was going to do my De Niro bit but 'the talent' talked me out of it. Realised afterwards they only did it to save themselves being upstaged.....Stronzas. Now then Inglese, stop your sobbing. You won't win the Cup - Diego will and on my birthday too - but you will have a good one. Now then Neil Sheasby who I will see on the 17th of July for the Dexys event in Birmingham - first few games are always cagey- boring-drab. Things now starten to liven up. 

In the meantime, May God Bless you all. 


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