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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not much work on at the moment ...

Not much work on at the moment so am catching up with folk. Had coffee in the morning with Mr Jeff Barrett of Heavenly Records. 

Great to catch up with him.I hung out a lot with Jeff in the 90s and he put me onto so much good music I remain forever in his debt. It is why I dedicated The Sharper Word to Jeff and his family. Today he is involved with the great Caught By the River web site which mixes great nature with quality tips towards great books, films, music etc. Jeff tells me how hard it has been for his company Heavenly Records since EMI dropped them and I think to myself I must write him something for his website on the Van Morrison album Common One, a true countryside lover's album. Most of the songs are about hills and valleys and Coleridge and Wordsworth smoking dope. He hands over to me the new Cherry Ghost album which is a stunna, especially Kissing Strangers and Only A Mother Could, two absolute gems. 

Kissing in particular should be the hit of the summer, gorgeous transcendent pop music. After Jeff and I part I hook up with Gary C, Simon Wells and Mr Baxter and we take a little stroll down to the Dickens house on Doughty Street in Holborn. Incredible how much Dickens involved himself in - novels, journalism and running house for 'stricken women' and raising a family. A quite incredible man and still one of my favouriite writers. Great Expectations is for me his masterpiece though I can not say I know his entire oeuvre. After the house we stop at nearby pub and let the sunshine envelope us. 

A lovely day for which I thank God and hope he may bless you. 


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