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Monday, June 7, 2010

4th May 2010

Up early as usual. the birds singing sweet melody, a swim, then Church, home with the papers, reading. playing the new album by Richard Warren called Laments. Played twice, impressive stuff. 

Loads of discussions with Spurs people about Wednesday especially the man I call the Voice Of Doom who has us already knocked out of the Europa League. 

Me? I'm with my man Rob White who thinks we can achieve third place. And why not? Aim for the moon etc. meanwhile, the Voice Of Doom thinks I need help. Wrote to the Independent website about a piece they did on Daniel Levy the Spurs chairman, written by Sam Wallace who I do not normally like. His match reporting always feels one sided and I hate the way he - along with so many others in the press - try to sanitise the game with their callous remarks about players swearing or fans chanting. Still, it was a good piece about Lev and told him so as well as that Harry Redknapp is the manager of the season. Roy Hodgson has done amazing at Fulham but to take a team from relegation worriers to Champs League football in 18 months is astounding. 

Read more of the Alistair Taylor book about working with the Fabs, there is an amazing quote in there from Lennon talking about how when he was a kid he would fantasise about beautiful women coming to his bedroom and at a click of his fingers disrobing and then making love to him. 

In The Beatles, that is exactly what he got to do but after a while instead of enjoying the climatic moment - 'when for that second you don't need anything or anybody but are just as one' - he suddenly felt nothing but revulsion. Be careful what you wish for is the message. 

God bless. Paolo

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