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Monday, June 7, 2010

5th May 2010

Off to the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgravia Square with my boun amico Marcantonio to see a documentary about the Andorra Star. This was the boat sank by a German submarine in June 1940 carrying mainly Italian prisoners of war from Liverpool to Canada. It is a tragic story. 

Many Italians who were interned by the English had sons fighting in the British army and considered themselves British as much as they did Italian. When Benito Mussolini made a speeh declaring war on Great Britain, the very next day thousands of Italains were rounded up and deported to prisoner of war camps. A month later some of them were put onto the Andorra and sent to Canada. Their families were not told of their whereabouts. After the film two Italians spoke movingly about their parent's involvement in this terrible story. Very moving.What impressed was their desire not to apportion blame - this was war, people act foolishly - but to work towards such an event never re-occuring. 

Today, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy replied to my email thanking me for my support and professing his hope that Spurs grab three points tonight.I worte back saying whatever happens the season has been a great one for the Spurs. That perked me up as did some Facebook correspondence with Geoff Deane who wants to write about the Mod culture he grew up in circa 69. 

That is the thing about Mod, never goes away, just keeps on and on. Me, I am trying to find a way for a new breed of Mod to emerge - the Long Haired Modernist. 
Can it be done? 
Who knows except the man above and so 

God bless.


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