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Monday, June 7, 2010


Got so many messages about keeping up the diary - for which many many thanks - that I now bow to huge public pressure and decided to carry it on. My main concern about the diary was being too open. 

A lot of my life at the moment is taken up by work and the last thing I need to do is give away my ideas before they reach fruition. With that in mind....Spent yesterday lunchtime with a band called The Branco Heist who I have a lot of time for. They have about four or five great songs and many good ones to back them up. They are also getting better as the days pass which is always the acid test for me. Dennis The Menace kindly came along to the meet and gave them a few ideas about promotion to them and their managers John and Andy. Both are big Goonas but expressed their wish - as have other Gooners - that we we beat Man City on Wednesday. In fact they want Arsenal to lose their next two games and us overtake them for third spot so as to to give their club a huge kick up the proverbials.

 When I then invited them to watch the game with me so as to ehar them shout, Come On You Spurs they politely declined for some reason. Very strange. Branco are playing this Thursday election night at the Luxe which is in Spitalfields. Admission free as well so it is a good time to catch them. Went swimming after the meet and then back home to read Alastair Taylor's biog which ahs been very kindly elnt to me by my clsoe Amico, Signor Chandler who looks after the south east part of the operation. When Epstein signed the Beatles he offered Taylor two and a half per cent of future income on the band. Taylor turned him down, reckoned he lost 150 million in doing so.

 Book is very interesting. Lovely Macca story. When he signs to Epstein and says well I hope this band is going to be big but don't worry if it is not because I am going to be a huge star. I have a theory that at fourteen years of age most people who become greatly successful know this at that age and that success is just a matter of time. Good idea for a book book that looking at success and...see there you go, giving my ideas away again. 

Met ian Munn St lunchtime, had a nice chat and drink with him. Spoke about e Books. Got the rights to my oasis books back so going to look into the possibility with them. Day before Iain ventured to the Elephant and Castle where he 'lost' his seventy quid headphones...strange that.

 Loving You Tube at the moment. Today am on Nick Drake and a lot of Marmalade. On my stereo are Dexys, Van Morrison and Brian Wilson Specifically Until I Beleive In My Soul and My National Pride by Dexys, When Will I Ever Learn To Live with God and The Mystery by Van and Lay Burden Down by Brian Wilson, written the day he discovered his broth

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