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Monday, January 4, 2010


January 2010

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AN 1ST 2010


Big admirer of Joe Orton’s diaries so decided wouldn’t mind creating one myself. Feel good about coming year. I have several projects in varying degrees of progress. One is a book called But We All Shine On - The Remarkable Orphans Of Burbank Children’s Home. Burbank, the children’s home I used to live in. For the book I found four of the guys I once shared the house with, see how they got on with their lives. All good. Very positive. Book company, Aurum, have manuscript. Waiting to hear on their reaction to it. Sent them first manuscript in November but it was too unwieldy, the structure sprawling. When the editor called me in, told me, it was a good shot across my bows. See, went to it straight after Chivers book was finished, did not step back. Did not contemplate. Much better now. Cut out loads of waste. Built a new structure. Have also sent it to two close links – JC and GG. Respect their views. Waiting to hear on their reaction. Apart from walk played Richard Hawley’s new album Truelove’s Gutter many times. Love it to death. My favourite at the moment is Remorse Code but then I just watched the vid for For Your Lover, Give Some Time on You Tube and now that is edged in my mind. Sometimes it as if is Elvis (who I don’t dig) was produced by Phil Spector. On mogadon. Hawley like all the greats makes everything sound so simple. Yet his music is grand, unique. This one will run and run. Spurs – Peterborough tomorrow. Should be fine. Harry Redknapp the manager has put our faith back into the team. He really is an exceptional manager, a man who has been successful at every club he has managed – apart from that silly year at Southampton. Like many, he never gets the credit his skill deserves. Got to go with Big Sam on this. If Harry’s surname was Redknappio he would be lauded to the skies. As it is he has respect but not in the volume his work deserves. He is a Special One, no doubt about it. Bless him. And bless you.

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