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Monday, January 11, 2010

Diary - 11th Jan 2010

Very bitty day. Wanted to go to British Library but need my lap top which S is bringing over tonight. Start tomorrow. Am exploring a book idea, nothing more, but want to get on with it. have had my break, time to start fighting the forces of darkness once more. Also, I feel that in a month's time I will hopefully be overwhelmed with projects. There are several book and TV and film ideas bubbling away at the moment and some will come to the boil quicker than others. Need to be ready. Meanwhile, here is a weird one. Mr Baxter e mails and says a mutual of ours - the esteemed Signor Anthony Polledri of bar Italia fame - has just rung him to say he saw our short film The Mumper on BBC television last night at about eleven fifteen. This can not be so as no one from that fine organisation has been in touch with us. Yet Anthony who has never seen the film describes it perfectly. Guy walks into a pub with a horse and tries to sell it to six guys. Very strange If anyone out there can throw light on this, please do. Mike rings to ask me to do spurs podcast tomorrow night which of course I agree to. One pint I will make is that the current weather conditions have in fact given us a taste of what a winter break would be like. I like it myself. Plus we were due to play Liverpool away this Sunday but without one of our key players, Aaron Lennon. the enforced break now means he can now hopefully recover from his groin strain. Meanwhile, the team will be refreshed and ready. Cold still so i can't help throwing envious glances over towards Martin Chivers. he has just been asked to join a cruise ship on Barbados which will make its way lazily up to South America in the next two weeks. His job? To deliver a forty minute speech about his life going there, and a forty minute speech coming back. The rest of the time all his and all expenses paid. What can you say? Except God bless Chivers and God bless you. Paolo

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