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Monday, January 4, 2010

DIARY - January 3rd 2010

JAN 3RD 20.27. PM

Get up, text my close amico, Nipper. Last night, he was going off to see the John Lennon film, Nowhere Boy wanted to know what he thought. He didn't go. Saw the Guy Ritchie film Sherlock Holmes instead. I tell him I would rather watch Grimsby youth team in the pouring rain on a Tuesday night. He said after
watching the film he agreed that would be a better experience. Spent morning reading papers, then down the pool. I try and go every day now. Either it kicks me up in the morning or after a hard day at this computer it brings me back to life. Plus you get to talk with some of the chaps and admire some womdeful human forms....Back home watched Leeds beat Man U. What a game, heart in mouth stuff. I really wanted Leeds to win as my agent supports them and a happy agent for any writer is a very good thing....Afterwards, I texted my man Bax and said bet spurs get Leeds in the next round which means by end of Jan I won't have an agent any more. And sure enough that is precisely who we were drawn against. Spoke to Mr Munn later on, the esteemed author of Mr Cool's Dream, that fine TSC biog. Mr Munn handles my web site for me, shows me how to place notes like this etc. When I called he was at the Dundee - Airdrie game which his team Dundee lost. I called him back just now and he said he would show me how to publish this diary in exchange for a plug for his book. Which I have just done. So bless him and bless you.

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