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Friday, January 8, 2010

Diary - 8th Jan 2010

Seem to be writing this diary at about the same time every day. Here is a question. How does your mind work? This morning was in Crouch End pulling out money from the machine, time about 7.45. (Early I know but when the Mighty Cockerel crows first thing in the morning I can't help but rise with it.) When I turn around from the machine I am facing a bookshop which has now been open for about six months and which I like a lot. Interesting books at sane prices. How long before the Kindle takes over an the shop is empty? I then recall that the last time I was in there I got talking to the owner. He told me that the music writer Simon Goddard lives above him. Goddard has just published a book about Morrissey. Personally, I can't swing for the man's music primarily because of one very small factor - Morrissey can't sing. He can write a great song title and some biting lyrics but he certainly can not sing. Which for a man who loves his soul msuic is a bit of a problemo. This gets me thinking about how many Mancs can't actually sing - Mark E Smith, Ian Curtis, Shaun Ryder (I once interviewed Ryder, asked him how long he had been singing. He spluttered, 'Singing? F-- singing. I didn't know I was a singer until some c- in the pub the other night told me...') In fact Liam G. is about the only one of that generation who can hold a tune. (Tim Burgess also but I am not sure if he a Manc) I clear my mind, buy a paper from the news stand outside the KFC. I open up the sports pages and the first headline I read says Man City Earning Power Lags Behind Spurs. Spurs have the fifth biggest turnover in the Prem, in fact it will take Man City years to catch up with us. So now I am thinking about Mancs again and how cheeky they were in trying to say they had invented Acid House when it had been going for at least a year before they got hold of it, so I clear my mind, quick as I can, time about 7.51, and decide to write about all this when I get home. Which emans God bless Manchester and God bless you. Paolo

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