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Monday, January 4, 2010

DIARY - January 2nd 2010


22.01 pm

Up by eight, in swimming pool and steam room by nine thirty. Again, bella day. Sky richly blue, air colder now but still clean and powerful. Home by ten thirty, played Richard Hawley album – again. Am mesmerised by this album. Last track now my favourite. Nine fantastic minutes long. On some of his other songs he sounds like an engineer in 1957 hallucinating in the studio, adding layers of sounds to his rich songs. Read Independent, watched Football Focus but got bored with it. Phoned my family in Italy, wished them Happy New Year, also Robert in Spain but the good Doctor not in his surgery. One message stood out. An old friend from Woking writes in. She is in the Honours list of 2010 for her work for the pensions department. The Queen will honour her. Amazing. Norman Jay was the only one I knew who the Queen has honoured. I write back and tell her I will kneel before her when next we meet. She writes back, says do you know about my son? She sends me a link. Click. It is an article from the local paper. Her son collects…….Hoovers. He has 100 in his house. All started when he was a kid. He was scared of Hoovers then one day his gran showed him how they worked and fear turned to obsession. Now he owns 100 Hoovers. I want to write back with a joke about cleaning up but can’t think of one. Go to Spurs in the afternoon. Peterborough the opponents. The Mighty Cockerels stroll around the park and eventually start banging in the goals. Defoe actually missed from one yard out. Peterborough never really look like scoring until right at the end. Four nil the Spurs. Next week Liverpool. I go home, and here I am. Bless me and bless you

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