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Friday, January 8, 2010

Diary - 7th Jan 2010

Friend and fellow scribe e mails, tells me he saw Sherlock Holmes film, not the moron fest' the trailer suggested he says. But still unsatisfactory. I spend time thinking about Guy Ritchie. Have only seen one of his films, Lock Stock and it wasn't for me. What puts me off is this silly macho element that seems to accompany all his work. Sherlock being turned into a cagefighter being a case in point. In fact, as I was saying to a friend today, someone should produce a game in which you have to imagine Guy Ritchie's take on various historical figures. Therefore, Jesus. 'He smashed up the money lenders and then took two ham sandwiches and five pints of lager and turned them into Wetherspoons!'' Einstein 'You think your smart with numbers, son - you aint met Albert 'ave you?'. I jest. In his defence, I met a girl once who had worked with him and said he was the most positive man she had ever come across. Plus, I have to say he had some ballsl marrying Madonna. I mean, from day one you know full well that is not going to be a stroll in the park on lazy Sunday afternoon, is it? So let's just say let a Guy be a Guy, for as my man Ray once sang, we are all God's children. God's children? You thought you were hard.........Stop it! Had the meet with the book company
today, all went well. Got taken to Nando's after by the company head, fascinating guy who amongst many other things, played Paddington Bear, acted in Joe Orton's play The Erphingham Camp at University and supports Bolton Wanderers. Snow everywhere but both Mr Baxter and I discovered that the most stylish and yet most practical shoe for the modern snowfall is none other than my San Paolo range of corduroy shoes. They protect and yet still manage to catch the eye of the passer by. Invest now, children. Have been rung up by 606 and invited to play in a six a side charity game, set provisionally for late Feb. I was on their show the day we beat Wigan 9-1 and co-incidentally have just started on their presenter Gabriele Marcotti's Capello biography. Three pages in and I am hooked. God bless Italia, Capello, and God bless you. Paolo

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