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Monday, January 11, 2010

Diary - 9th Jan 2010

On Saturday went to Hampstead Heath for a walk to celebrate the birthday of squadron leader 'Nipper' Harris of the Fourth Battalion of the Yid Army. He had invited friends and foe alike to walk on the Heath, despite it being a million below zero and freezing conditions. Everyone gathered, we started off and within half an hour everyone was in the pub. One of his friends who I got parlaring with had run two successful clubs in London. He worked in the City by day, ran the clubs at night. Then he did a Chic and quit his nine to five to concentrate on the clubs. Big mistake. Within a year he was using all sorts just to get him through the day to get him into the night. Finally, he dragged himself to India, de toxed, and then came back to work as a..............landscape gardener. Made me think how London can be so vicious if you let it be. London can chew you up, spit you out, send you scurrying into the shadows for the rest of your life. It can also realise your wildest dreams. I have lived here now for thirty years and I still do not consoder it 'my' city. I am still a stranger here, still an outsider. London is too vast to become personalised. It still contains sights and sounds I have yet to experience, still retains the capacity to astonish me. Anyway back to Nipper. In Danny Baker and Kelly's new book there is a top ten list of decent football books. In at seven is mine and Guigsy's Robin Friday book. At number six is Nipper's book Dear Alan Dear Harry which details Nipper's hilarious correspondence with Tottenham during the Alan Sugar years. That his book is honoured above mine has made his year even though he relied heavily on the talents of another writer to get it completed. And that other writer was of So if you ever bump into Nipper and he starts giving you this line stop him in his tracks and tell him that you know the truth. Still, got to give it to Danny Kelly for having such great taste. God bless Danny, Nipper, London and of course, your good self. Paolo

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